Monday, November 15, 2010

Give Me This Day My Daily Blog Post

It seems, I have been blogging less lately. There are a number of reasons that I can think of when I reflect on this fact.  The biggest reason for me is actually due to the amazing posts that I continue to read by the members of my PLN.  Just the Connected Principals Blog alone leaves my head-spinning due to the quality of the posts that my colleagues are writing.

Sometimes my competitive nature comes out and I feel like I need to write something amazingly insightful. Unfortunately, this coincides with my biggest bouts of blogger's block.  So I finally had a moment of clarity last night and remembered that the reflective nature of blogging is what I really enjoy. Hopefully, once in a while my thoughts will be useful to others as well.

So here I go...
... I commit to blog daily, even if it is just a few sentences.


  1. Patrick,

    I have blogged every day (minus one) since the beginning of November. It has been incredibly difficult, but similarly rewarding. Here's what I have noticed:
    1. I am more sensitive to what is "bloggable". What seemed mundane before is now worth exploring more and reflecting about through my blog.

    2. Sometimes the blogs that I think are great, do not resonate and those that I think are weak, are commented on and retweeted the most. It's taught me that I just need to write and value the feedback of my PLN.

    So, as you start your blogapalooza, enjoy the process. You will struggle, but as you fight through, the learning will be worth it.

  2. Mr. Larkin,
    I always post comments based on what I think is true. I think the key to blogging and commenting is to throw your own personal ideas out into the blogging world. We as bloggers should write in our own personal style and not worry about what other bloggers are doing.
    -Akash Patel