Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Comment On One of the Following Links

I have been reading so many thought-provoking posts and watching a number of thought-provoking video clips in the last few days and I wanted to get your thoughts on some of these.

Please respond to one of the following either in the comment section of this blog or with a post on your own blog. As always, I look forward to your insights.

School For Hackers

Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics

Waiting For Superman - Check out the site and see if you agree.

Stop Leaving Bonehead Comments on Your Friends Walls

My PLN Journal - A blog by one of the students at Van Meter in Iowa

What A High School Algebra Teacher Can Teach Us About Innovation

Oprah Winfrey and Schools

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hoping To Create Some Networked Students

As we embark on the first semester of the first web 2.0 class ever offered at Burlington High School, we are excited to help our students discover what it means to be connected as they establish their own social networks. It will be interesting to see and hear their insights as we learn together over the next few months. Check out the great video below about what a networked student looks like.