Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please Comment On One of the Following Links

I have been reading so many thought-provoking posts and watching a number of thought-provoking video clips in the last few days and I wanted to get your thoughts on some of these.

Please respond to one of the following either in the comment section of this blog or with a post on your own blog. As always, I look forward to your insights.

School For Hackers

Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics

Waiting For Superman - Check out the site and see if you agree.

Stop Leaving Bonehead Comments on Your Friends Walls

My PLN Journal - A blog by one of the students at Van Meter in Iowa

What A High School Algebra Teacher Can Teach Us About Innovation

Oprah Winfrey and Schools

1 comment:

  1. leaving bone head comments on your friends wall, is not really being a good friend. u r setting urself up for trouble and not to mention the harm u can bring upon ur friends. once u write something online u cannot take it back, which can cause irreparable damage to someones reputation and yours.